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Its been a busy old month hasn’t it? Aren’t you glad you’re not a banker?

In the short time since we last found ourselves sitting here writing, that grand daddy of building societies The Halifax has eaten itself, the Bradford and Bingley, perhaps disappointed that those clever chaps at Cern failed to produce any black holes, has disappeared down one of its own making, and politicians in America have just spent $700 billion dollars of somebody else’s money on a “rescue plan” that nobody seems able to explain, and which no-one seems convinced will actually work.

Rhus autumn colour

Rhus typhinia dissecta autumn colour

Thank goodness for gardening!

Our picture shows a Rhus, taken in the last week of September, doing exactly what it should be doing, at exactly the time it should be doing it. And a damn fine job its making of it too. Isn’t it reassuring to think that there are still some certainties in the world?

Mother nature seems to have been somewhat confused herself recently of course; the last 3 seasons have been little more than a continuous cool damp blur, but the garden seems remarkably resilient – flowers still flower, vegetables still grow, and the trees continue to remind us which season it is even if the weather seems confused. While the rest of the world may seem to be going slightly barmy, there’s always solace in the garden!

And the gardening year rolls on; while the trees start to close down and put on their autumn spectacular, we’ve been taking our own advice at Barlow Nurseries, looking forward, and doing a bit of autumn planting – we’re completely restyling the herbaceous border in our front garden, and have begun work on a new large mixed border in the back garden, so you’ll notice some changes next time you visit the nursery! It’s still good planting weather for containerised plants, and should be for another month or so at least, so if you’ve still got gaps to fill or have a yearning for more substantial changes, there’s still time to do it . And doing it now is so much easier that leaving it until spring, when there’ll be so much else to do!

And once the autumn planting’s done, the bare root season will be upon us, and we’ll be busy supplying and planting trees and hedges – lifting starts around mid-November, and the early bird always gets the best plants, so if you’re thinking of adding a bit of structure or architecture to your plot, talk to us soon! Bare root plants are much cheaper than plants in pots, there’s a much wider selection available, and there’s nothing like a bit of winter digging to warm you up and put the world in perspective!

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