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And finally Cyril….

Hang on, there's a bit more space there....

With September comes the final plant selling outing of the year – Louise is off to Chatsworth House in Derbyshire very early in the morning, for their Autumn Plant Fair.     Chatsworth is a fantastic place, glorious gardens and spectacular landscaping;   it’s difficult to imagine just how wealthy the family who built it must have been – presumably in the Bill Gates league in their day.   One of Chatsworth’s own history leaflets says, perhaps a little coyly, that the first Earl of Devonshire “prospered as one of King Henry VIII’s commissioners for the dissolution of the monasteries” so you can draw your own conclusions about exactly how his fortune was amassed, and how many monasteries equals a stately country pile….

Unfortunately, Chatsworth is a long way from here – easily the most distant plant fair at which we sell, and preparing for the September event (there is also a spring plant fair, in April) generates heaps of angst about whether we can get enough stock into our trailer to make the trip worthwhile.

The spring fair is easy, because all the plants are small and we can pack loads in – plants in September are bigger!   Anyway, we usually pull it off, more or less, and the picture shows the end result.

All we have to do now is hope that the sun shines, and that the plants go home with customers, and don’t come home with Louise!

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