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So, farewell then, Ifor Williams

After prevaricating through last season we’ve bitten the bullet and decided that we don’t need both our huge Ifor Williams box van trailers.   They’ve served us very well over the years, but changes in the plant fair circuit, and our own attempts to refocus our business on sales direct from the nursery, mean that we’re selling more from home, and less  away, so we’ve sold one of the big trailers.

Ifor Williams box van trailer

All the best, old fella....

We’ve learned a couple of things – Ifor Williams trailers go on forever (we’ve had ours seven years, and they’re really not showing any significant wear) and they depreciate really slowly – we sold at 80% of what we paid for it, which means its cost us £700 over seven years.   If we’d bought a van of similar capacity it would be well on its way to the scrap yard by now, and would have cost many £000’s more.

And so we’re going to buy a new one – our tree business continues to flourish, and we’ve actually refused sales this season on some of the big specimen trees we have on the nursery because we had no way of delivering them.   We’d never actually intended to sell them, we just wanted to let customers see what the smaller trees would look like a few years after they’d bought them…. but we’re not in the business of refusing sales, so we’re effectively “swapping” an old trailer for a new flatbed one that should handle trees of maybe 25 feet tall – probably as big as you’d want to go without having to resort to a crane to plant it.

Here’s to the new tree season!

The bare root season starts in November, so if you’re thinking of adding a tree to your garden, talk to us soon.

2 Responses to “So, farewell then, Ifor Williams”

  1. Douglas Bennett Says:

    I am in the market for one of these monster trailers. Have you still got one for sale?


  2. Nick Says:

    ‘Fraid not – the second of the pair was sold a couple of years ago.

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