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We made a garden…..

Okay, we may not be up to the literary or gardening standards of Margery Fish, but we’re going through a similar process, and we’re sure she won’t mind us borrowing her muse….

So here we go, autumn project in-play, and the garden development begins with marking out the new borders, and the new pool.  The picture shows a length of ever reliable Tricoflex hose marking out the perimeter of our new water feature.   All we need now is a man with a mini-digger, and we’re off!

Our embryonic garden pool

Our embryonic garden pool

The pool will be about 3 feet deep in the middle, with ledges around the edge about 18 inches wide and deep, so we’ll have capacity for both shallow and deep water aquatic plants.   A good proportion of the water will be in the shade of the adjacent weeping willow, and with a few strategically placed water lillies to shade the depths still further, we’re hoping to avoid the dreaded pea soup syndrome with which so many garden ponds  seem to suffer.   Watch this space!

The excavated soil will be used to grade the contours of the surrounding garden, and re-bury some of the willow roots which are currently half exposed, so we’re hoping not to have to move too much soil too far.

There’ll be a bog garden on the side of the pool opposite the willow, approximately in the area where you can currently see the remains of a decades worth of bonfires, with a nice big Gunnera, and a few other choice marginals around it, and then more conventional shrub and herbaceous plantings around that.

A bit of decking and a jetty…hmmm, still in development…

The mounds of foiliage showing in the bottom right of the photo are butternut squash, probably the most vigorous veg we’ve ever grown – each plant is already consuming about 4 square metres of ground, and they’re still growing.   This area was designated “temporary veg plot” while the pool plan was hatched.   This area, and the area currently down to grass between this and the soon-to-be bog garden will be planted up with a good wide shrub and perennial border.   Next season the veg will move to their permanent home in an area off to the right of the picture (more of which later – probably much later).

Our soil is phenomenally free draining sand (dig down 18 inches and it really is pure orange building sand) so we’re going to have to use a butyl liner – lets hope we don’t regret our decision to have a “good sized” pool when we come to buy that!

Oh, and the new borders mentioned above are out of the picture to the left.   But that’s for another day.

2 Responses to “We made a garden…..”

  1. Meredith/Great Stems Says:

    Your water feature plans are going to look wonderful when complete — best of luck! I look forward to seeing how the ponds progress.

  2. Nick Says:

    Thanks. Been digging today, and even with a mini-digger, its going to be a lot of work…of which, more later!

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