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Pond digging progress…

I’m not sure exactly what jobs the seven dwarfs did in the Snow White story, but  I seem to remember it involved lots of enthusiastic wielding of pick axes and wheelbarrows, and there were seven of them, so if anybody knows where they can be contacted, we’ve got just the job…..

Do we have to move ALL that.....

Do we have to move ALL that.....

The mechanical assistance (thank you Mr Caterpillar) has done its job now and left the scene;  virtually all the digging out is done – there’s a bit of scraping and levelling to do to get the bottom right, but the structure of the hole is established.   Unfortunately (and this is where seven enthusiastic manual workers would come in handy) we now have to distribute and grade the spoil around the garden.   About 20 tonnes we guess, and just spades, and wheelbarrows, and two people to do it.

But we’re not outfaced!  We’ll pace ourselves, and do an hour or two each day until its done (Nick was imobilised for a few weeks in the Spring having pulled a muscle in his back, and is NOT going back there, so softly softly is the motto!).

Meanwhile, Louise takes much delight in showing customers “the new hole that Nick’s dug in the garden”.  Mostly their reactions are limited to a polite “its a good size isn’t it!”.  We just hope that isn’t code for “Jeez you guys are crazy, that’s bloomin HUGE!”

And we hope that isn’t the expression that springs to mind when we see the quote for the butyl liner.

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