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And on it goes …

Herbaceous kindergarten

Herbaceous kindergarten

Just as one season draws to a close, another looms on the horizon, and here we go again….

Although the late autumn season sees a resurgence in interest in evergreen shrubs and trees, it also sees the end of herbaceous plant sales – the plants themselves realise that it’s time to take a break, and retreat underground for a winter rest.    But while the older plants go on their subterranean sabatical, there’s a whole new generation limbering up in the wings just waiting for their chance to bloom.

No sooner does one season finish than another one gets under way.   Our picture shows a few of our next generation – some of the plants we’ll be selling next season.   If the volume of seed and young plant catalogues currently dropping onto our doormat is anything to go by, there must be gazillions of others lined up in other nurseries across the UK and continental Europe too.

The plants in the picture will have to grow a bit first of course, but that’s what we’re here for!   Little green things right now, but colour in your borders next year!

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