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Still flowering after all these years...

Still flowering after all these years…

Erigeron karvinskianus, Australian daisy.

You either love or hate it – one customer this year refused to allow it in their garden on the grounds that it looked like something they’d spent their lives trying to eradicate from their lawn – but we love it!

It only grows to about 6 inches high, spreads to maybe twice that, and flowers and flowers and flowers.  The one in our picture (in our front garden) started in flower in June, and is still flowering its socks off now.    It will keep going until the first hard frosts tell it it has to take a break.

The RHS list it as being Hardy 3 (only reliably hardy in certain parts of the UK) which just goes to show you don’t have to  take these things too seriously – specimens have survived in our (chilly Shropshire) garden for years, and we routinely overwinter them in pots on the nursery (a much tougher test than being cosied up in a garden border).

The flowers emerge white (so for a few weeks in early summer they do look just like lawn daisies) but then fade to pink;  new flowers emerge long before the older ones die, and so for most of the season you have both white and pink blooms on the same plant.   They are “self cleaning” (thank goodness) so you’ll never have to think about dead-heading.

All in all, an effortless plant that will bring colour to your border for many months each season, and go on doing so for years.   It’ll self seed around the garden if its happy – charmingly, not thuggishly -so it even does its own propagation.

If you’re looking for the worlds easiest front-of-border perennial, this could be it!

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