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Things to do with a discarded wine box

Number 1 in a series of well, 1, probably

This was going to be step by step “how to” blog, but then we realised it just didn’t need that much explanation, so here’s a picture….

All mod cons (but only if youre a ladybird, or lacewing....)

All mod con’s (but only if you’re a ladybird, or lacewing….)

Mostly the contents are bamboo canes cut to the depth of the box (a surprising number of bamboo canes actually).   The rest of the stuff is old branches with holes of random sizes drilled in them, and rolled up corrugated cardboard.

Hang it pretty much anywhere in the garden, and wait for the guests to arrive!

Do our beneficial insect buddies need our help to find places to while away the winter months?   We suspect the answer is probably no, actually.   There’s loads of perfectly good natural nooks and crannies around the nursery and garden for them, but …. it’s a fun thing to do, it makes use of something that would probably otherwise end up in the kindling box, it looks nice (well we think so anyway) and if there is just a slim chance that we can increase the population of insect good guys by doing something as simple as this, why not ?

2 Responses to “Things to do with a discarded wine box”

  1. Emma Says:

    I’ve seen some nice bug boxes in my time, but this one is a beauty!

  2. Nick Says:

    Blimey, that was quick! Do I win a copy of your book?!

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