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You’ve got to make the most of these days

After an unnervingly dry but very pleasantly warm September,  Autumn is most definately rearing its head.  Most of the rain we missed in September seemed to fall during Tuesday night, so now the ground is as wet as you might expect for this time of year, the nights are getting noticeably longer and colder (the wood burning stove had its first autumn firing last night) and the mornings are distinctly chilly.  No frosts yet, although the night time lows are getting perilously close to zero, and for the first time today we started work in one of the polytunnels because it was too cold outside!

OK chaps, lights out, set your alarms for March 2010

OK chaps, lights out, set your alarms for March 2010

But what days!   After a couple of hours potting up some of next years plants, the sun emerged from behind the clouds and the clothing layers started to peel off.   After another hour we decided we had to make the best of what is likely to be some of the last serious sunshine of the year, and get outside.

So the grand autumn tidy was resumed, and a few more batches of plants were weeded, top-dressed, gently pruned, and finally set out on the nursery beds where they’ll see out the winter.

And it was glorious – we love working outside of course, but I suspect even the most die-hard office junkie would struggle not to revel in autumn sunshine. There’s something very special about grabbing those last few rays of warmth before the sun heads properly south for the winter.   And there’s something special about seeing the stock you’ve carefully nurtured for months (or years!) being tucked up safe and sound for its winter hibernation.

Rain is forecast for tomorrow, but then a few more days of sunshine…bring it on!

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