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Blimey, that was quick …

Less than a couple of weeks after doing our bit to help protect the nations allegedly dwindling Hedgehog population, evidence of success!

We’ve only ever seen one hedgehog here – maybe 10 years ago, we found one asleep amongst  a batch of plants in our sales area.   The area is enclosed by rabbit proof netting, with only one entrance, so the poor hog must have wandered in, and then been unable to find his way out again. Since then our only sitings have been of the occasional  “deposit”  to suggest that he, or his progeny, must still be around.


Just a few more beetles before bed...

It’s nothing more than a huge coincidence of course, but imagine our surprise when our second close encounter of the decade happened last week, less than a fortnight after we’d added the hedgehog suite to the Barlow wildlife hotel.   Nick went out after dark to fetch something from the pick-up, and found this little fella waddling across the car park.   They can really get a wiggle on when they want to – in the time that it took to return to the house and summon Louise, the hog had made it 20 yards towards the hedge;  another minute, and we’d have missed him.

It’s a rubbish picture we know – taken hurriedly, in the dark, and only one shot so as not to endanger the poor chap any further by stressing him out with the camera flash, but evidence!   Barlow Nurseries Hog Preservation Society is up and running!

Now all we’re waiting for is the aroma of fresh starch to start wafting across the lawn, and a procession of anthropomorphic birds and beasts bearing laundry baskets…

4 Responses to “Blimey, that was quick …”

  1. Sue Says:

    Be aware that hedgehogs seen out during the day or when they should be hibernating may be in trouble especially if they are undersized. They should weigh at least 600g to successfully hibernate.


  2. Nick Says:

    This one was out at night – maybe 8pm – and didn’t look particularly small; one of this years babies I’d guess, but not one that looked as if he’d struggle to get thru’ the winter. This is of course a purely intuitive judgement on my part – I am not a hedgehog expert!
    We haven’t had any cold weather to speak of yet, so I’m guessing none of the hog population are hibernating yet are they?

  3. Sue Says:

    It is certainly possible that hedghogs aren’t yet ready to hibernate. – I’m not sure whether day length or temperature triggers their hibernation. I didn’t mean to suggest that your hog was in need of rescue just wanted to draw attention to the fact that this sometimes is necessary. We had reason to take a small hog to the sanctuary above and were told that she would be kept ‘awake’ all winter as her weight was very borderline. She had a limp too which added to her problems!

  4. Rose H Says:

    I’m so pleased that you spotted this hog 🙂
    I have between 6 and 8 visiting most nights (I do feed them.) They split into two definite groups, the ‘film star’ ones that don’t bat an eyelid however much you put them in the limelight and photograph them, and the ‘I want to be alone’ ones who are off like a shot in the blink of an eye! Sterling Moss at the peak of his career would have had a job to keep up with them 😉
    Best wishes
    Rose H

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