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Can you tell what it is yet?

We could set a quiz, but you’d never guess, and we don’t want to rival the rawlplug fiasco, so we’ll tell you …

More tree aisles!

More tree aisles!

This unassuming collection of tanalised timber is about to increase our tree display capacity, so we can offer customers an even bigger tree browsing opportunity.   We currently have about 250 trees on our sales area;  this timber will be used to build an extra 2 aisles, which will allow us to add another 100 or so trees to our display.   We’ll use the opportunity to stock the more popular species in depth, and add some more choice and unusual varieities, so we hope we’ll have something to suit most requirements.

And what better way could there be for us to spend our time in National Tree Week (which runs from 25 November to December 6 – that’s a week and a half isn’t it?).

And as it happens, the first tree delivery of this planting season arrives tomorrow, so we’d better start building!

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