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Chainsaw Charlie

We’re still working on the pool…..but you can’t spend your entire life wheeling barrows of soil around the place, so for a bit of light relief, we’ve been giving the side garden some attention.

There’s nothing there really, just lawn, and an odd collection of trees and shrubs around the perimeter – mostly self sown alder, hawthorn, and hollies.   We remember noticing the hollies as tiny seedlings when we moved in; boy how they’ve grown!   The alder and hawthorn must pre-date our arrival here by a decade or two!

There’s also a little straggly thicket of what we assume is a few years worth of Christmas trees which one of the previous residents couldn’t bear to throw way, but which now do little more than demonstrate that after a couple of weeks in a centrally heated home, the best place for a christmas tree is the municipal tip.

We’ve also had a bit of a rabbit problem in the garden this year, and although the cat has sorted it for us, their burrow was cunningly concealed right under the clump of holly.  We don’t want any new bunnies moving in, so we need to remove their cover!

Sorry guys, its time to go

Sorry guys, its time to go

We plan to re-design the garden around “sharing” the view of the field beyond, and the chainsaw has had an outing.   There’s one crab (also self sown we assume) which is actually in the field next door so that will stay, but other than that, they’re all coming down!   The very large conifer in the picture is a bit beyond Nick’s felling ability (and is big and heavy enough to do serious damage were it to land in the wrong place) so we’re calling on professional help for that one, but soon expect to be enjoying a substantial bonfire, and a much changed view!

An “after” picture will follow in due course….!

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