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Garden to go

Sometimes things just fall into place….we had a customer arrive on the nursery a couple of weeks ago who wanted the garden of their new build house made a bit more interesting .  And they wanted it doing NOW.

It was just lawn, everywhere, although surprisingly large – one of those “could’ve got another house on here!” gardens.  The brief was to cut decent size borders (1 – 2mts deep) around the perimeter, and plant up with easy care shrubs.  About 100 square metres of turf to strip, and about 160 (mostly specimen size) plants and trees to install.

Garden to go

Did you order 165 shrubs sir ?

And everything just kind of happened – we were able to juggle our diary to free up the time to do the work, we planned and organised the plants at very short notice (less than a week) the weather was extraordinarily benign, Steve and Nick worked their socks off, and the customer has a garden!   Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together!?

There are still some finishing touches outstanding – bark mulch to be laid, and some bare root trees and hedges to be installed when that season starts in a few weeks time, but the job is largely done.   Alan Titchmarsh would have been proud!

The picture shows our new Ifor Williams trailer ready for its maiden voyage,  loaded up with the first batch of plants for this job, so its earning its keep already.   And no, we wouldn’t normally transport plants on an open top trailer – but the job was very local, along very slow country lanes, so just on this occasion….

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