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National garden gift vouchers

Barlow Nurseries joins the establishment!   There are a lot of good reasons for a horticultural retailer to be a member of the Horticultural Trades Association but probably the most visible one is the National Garden Gift Voucher scheme.

Now sold and accepted here!

Now sold and accepted here!

We’ve always sold our own Barlow Nurseries gift vouchers, but have had to turn away customers who wanted to spend their National vouchers here, and of course, have been unable to sell vouchers to customers who wanted to send them to people in other parts of the country.

But that’s all changed  – you can now spend your National Garden Gift Vouchers at Barlow Nurseries, and we can sell you vouchers to send to your friends and relatives around the country.   With around 2000 garden retailers in the scheme, nobody is ever far away from a spending opportunity!

And if you can’t get to the nursery, just give us a call on our order line (07742 367494) and we’ll take a credit / debit card payment, and mail the vouchers to you, or directly to your friends and relatives, in a seasonal greetings card!

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