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What shall we call these then?

Berryfields had its long borders, Sissinghurst has its white garden, Monty Don has his Jewel garden, even Barlow Nurseries has its Lychgate borders….everything needs a name.   So what shall we call these?

The expanse of grass separating the Lychgate from the still-work-in-progress pool clearly needed some enlivening, so one cold day a couple of weeks ago Nick set-to with string, tape measure, and spade, and came up with….these.

What do they look like to you?

What do they look like to you?

There is a plan – we’re going to plant a yew hedge down the middle of both beds, running parallel with the Lychgate borders, and each side of the borders will then be planted up with a mix of shrubs and herbaceous perennials (probably).   The borders run east-west, so the new hedge will create beds with very distinct characteristics: one side will face due north, the other due south, so plant selection will be critical.

The borders were planned to create vistas – viewed from the house (where the camera was for this photo) there will be a view along mixed borders to the oak tree focal point at the end;  looking through the Lychgate there’ll be a view of the pool, framed through the “ends” of each of the new borders, just demanding that the viewer walks through to explore….

But what shall we call them?   In their current virgin state we’re haunted by their shape – there’s a serious risk that they’ll forever be “the lozenge borders”.   But hopefully, we’ll have a better idea.

2 Responses to “What shall we call these then?”

  1. Nell Jean Says:

    ‘Oval borders’ more easily rolls off my tongue than ‘lozenge’ which reminds me of sore throat remedies. The beds are oval, the lawn they are set in looks oval. ‘Elliptical borders’ is kind of a mouthful.

  2. Elephant's Eye Says:

    We name all the bits of our garden, with joyful abandon. Somehow the names just come. Black Stork Island – well we did have a black stork there, long enough to photograph. Let the names come out of your planting schemes?

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