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Being there

Bassenthwaite from Carl Side

Louise, and Bassenthwaite from Carl Side - it's much wetter than it looks! Thank goodness for Goretex.

We don’t get away from the nursery as often as we ought, and when we do it’s got to be in the off-season which makes UK breaks a bit of a gamble weather wise….but it doesn’t matter!

We work outdoors most of the time of course so we’re used to pretty much anything the British climate can throw at us, and we can bore for hours on the merits of different types of outdoor clothing, so coping with inclement weather is second nature.

Which is a good job really, because probably our favorite short break destination is the Lake District, and it always rains there!   (Actually, Nick’s introduction to the Lakes was a school trip in the summer of 1968 when it didn’t rain at all for a fortnight, but we’ve never even managed 3 consecutive  dry days there since!).

Rain rarely shows up well in photographs, and this picture is no exception – the rain (almost sleet) was coming up the valley horizontally, and it took 36 hours to dry out some of our clothing.   Little did we know at the time, but the weather we saw was but a minor precursor for what was to come – the Bassenthwaite valley was where much of the rain fell that caused the recent disasterous cumbrian floods.   But Louise is still smiling – it’s being there that matters;  good weather is better, but the change of scene, and simply being away from home is what counts.   And if you want to walk in the countryside, especially at anything much higher than sea level, then the weather is just another feature to wonder at.

In truth, the weather at Barlow Nurseries is sometimes no better – there is nothing between us and the Irish Sea (only ‘The Cheshire Gap’) so when a nor’westerly is blowing, we get it full force.   Both plants and people are fully hardened off here!

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