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Christmas trees

But not as we know them …

Not being a retailer – in the sense that all we sell is plants – we don’t do Christmas, and we don’t sell Christmas trees.   But we do sell trees at Christmas (or thereabouts).

In addition to selling container grown trees throughout the year, we also sell bare root trees during their season, roughly November to March, and this means that our first delivery usually arrives in December.  So while other garden retailers are marshalling acres of Norway Spruce and Nordman Fir to brighten the nations front rooms, we’re sorting our way through piles of all shapes and sizes of trees to brighten our customers gardens.

Not your conventional Christmas tree

Not your usual Christmas trees

We love trees, and our tree department is easily our fastest growing (ha!) area.  We’ve  just completed this years “tree department expansion plan” and created another 80 or so stations to accomodate extra tree stock.

Buying bare-root is a very economical way to get trees into your garden.  Because they are field grown they are much cheaper to produce (because they need much less TLC than their pot grown cousins) and because they don’t have huge pots of soil or compost permanently attached, their transport costs are much lower.

Anybody who arrives at the nursery outside the bare root season and either can’t find a tree they like, or wants one that’s larger, or cheaper, goes into the bare root book, and are then contacted in the autumn to see if we can sort something for them from our bare root suppliers.   Orders are processed “live” between November – March, although we try to consolidate deliveries into sensible batch sizes so we can offer the very best prices.

We’re very happy to be working in what might otherwise be the “off” season  of course, but it must be good for gardeners too – there’s little else to do in the garden in mid-winter and planting a tree is a wonderful excuse to get out there and do something.

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