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Side garden, progress report

Down and out

Down and out

We promised an “after” picture when we started project lumberjack in the side garden but as its not quite in an “after” state yet, this is by way of a “nearly there” picture.

As you’ll see from the photo, most of the trees have moved from vertical to horizontal, and the bits that aren’t suitable for the log burner (all the bits in the top photo) will soon be history, as we warm a winter day with a beast of a bonfire.

The big conifer in the “before” picture actually yielded very little useable fuel – conifers don’t make great fuel anyway, but we’re not going to waste it – and the second picture shows the logs from it that’ll go into store to season for next winter.
Most of the tree was thin branches, and these are destined for the bonfire.

Next yars winter warmer

Next years winter warmers

There are a few more small trees to fell before the clearance is complete (on the extreme left of the first photo) so we’ve got a day or two of good winter warming jobs to tackle in the next few days.

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