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Dog days gardening

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High summer is undoubtedly a hiatus in the garden;  the mad rush of growth and flowers in spring and early summer are fading in the memory, the plants that delivered that early season glory are enjoying a quiet bit of r & r and concentrating on building reserves for next years display, and the late season flowerers are still coyly waiting in the wings.

But your borders don’t have to be lacklustre!    We’ve tried especially hard to keep the nursery looking fresh right through the summer this year, and it’s certainly possible to keep a good show of colour going through the season.

There are Chrysanthemums, Phlox, Penstemons, Dahlias, Coreopsis, Heleniums, Heliopsis, Echinaceas, and many others to fill the mid-summer hungry gap, and Louise has spent many a happy hour recently playing florist with them in our shade tunnel.

And it looks lovely doesn’t it? You don’t often get customers saying “Wow”, but we’ve genuinely had several do so in the last few weeks. And “it’s just like a garden!”. And if that inspires them to take some plants home for their gardens, so much the better!

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