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Misty moisty morning…

We’re starting to think we may have blinked and missed a good part of 2010, because we were greeted by a distinctly autumnal vista when we flung back the curtains this morning.

Mellow fruitfulness must be next then....

Mellow fruitfulness must be next then....

We know it’s a sign of getting older when time seems to pass quicker, but blimey, surely it can’t be autumn yet?

It is, of course, classic August weather;  it’s a transitional month, still gloriously warm when the sun shines, but with noticeably longer and cooler nights, it’s a real teaser for things to come.

And while we may mourn the apparently accelerating passage of time, there’s always a bright side – the first picking of hedgerow blackberries made it into the freezer earlier in the week, so the first apple and blackberry crumble of winter can’t be far away!

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