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Potager progress, pt 2

One of our customers leapt onto the grow your own bandwagon last year, but seemed ready to leap off it again when we saw him last autumn – his beetroot hadn’t germinated, frost had damaged his runner beans, the pigeons had eaten his brassicas…the list of problems and failures went on (and on) and he was seriously questioning whether the veg growing lark was worth the candle.

When we followed him into grow your own food land this year we were determined to keep the scale of our plots manageable (there’s only 2 of us, so we don’t need huge volumes of stuff) and to grow things which were both easy, and either tastier or substantially cheaper than the fare you’ll find on supermarket shelves.


And boy have they grown!   The picture here shows our garden plots last week.   The picture here shows them about 6 weeks ago.    A bit of a difference huh?

We’ve already seen off the first batch of broad beans (and very tasty they were too) and we’re looking forward to batch number 2 cropping in a few weeks.   We’ve had courgettes on the menu for several weeks (but haven’t yet had the “what shall we do with all these?” moment) and have had a couple of pickings of runner beans (so far!).

We’ve had salad leaves and radishes from these plots too, and are looking forward to leeks and parsnips in the winter, as well as pink fir apple potatoes in the autumn.

And as long as you discount the effort in stripping the turf and digging the plots over to actually create the beds, the amount of work has been very modest.   And most definitely worth it. We’ve probably had some luck in avoiding the sorts of disasters that befell our friends’ forays into veg growing, but what the heck, you need a bit of luck sometimes! We’re definitely coming back next year.

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