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See, it does work…

Definitely not Mr Floppy

Definitely not Mr Floppy

For the skeptics amongst you who thought we’d mutilated the Sedum we Chelsea chopped back in May, here’s a picture of how they look now – not a collapsed stem in sight!

There are 3 plants here (only 2 of them were in shot in the May post) and they’ve grown into an imposing clump haven’t they?   And flowering pretty much on time too.

We haven’t grown a control group to demonstrate how they’d look if they hadn’t been chopped – but we had a customer only this week complaining that their Sedum had “collapsed in the middle” so we know we’ve done the right thing.

All we need now are some butterflies. Usually Sedum are engulfed in tortoiseshells, and we’re hoping there’ll be some around when these flowers open fully, but we’re not sure – there seem to have been very few butterflies (of any species) around this year. Did the very cold weather of last winter do for them?

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