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Good to look at, and to eat

Good to look at, and to eat

This is only the second year we’ve grown peppers, but we’re starting to think that there’s potential for them to replace some of the ornamental plants that adorn patio pots and planters around the country.

The pepper in the photo is just as attractive as a Geranium isn’t it?   We think it’s rather better looking actually, but we’re not going to push our luck so early in our campaign…

Not all pepper plants look this good it has to be said – normal sweet peppers are probably best left to do their thing in the greenhouse, but these chillis look to us as if they deserve a wider audience.    Even if you don’t want to start a zero food miles chilli powder line, they’re good looking enough just to be grown as ornamental plants aren’t they?

The plant pictured is Capsicum frutescens, grown from seed sown in spring (probably a little later than it ought to have been) and photographed today. We’ll leave it to grow until it looks as if the frosts are going to see it off, then we’ll pick the fruits, dry them, and have our very own home grown chilli powder! And judging by the number of fruits on this plant (we also have 2 others) we’ll be supplying the neighbourhood too.

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