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We don’t mind seeing a gloriously frosty vista when we open the curtains of a morning, but we can’t help worrying that this might be a harbinger of a long cold winter ahead …. we’ve already had more frosts than we might have expected this autumn, and forecasters are warning of a repeat of last years bleak winter weather, so it’s time to batten down the hatches.

So cold, so early

So cold, so early

Most of our evergreen stock will be moved under cover this week – not because its less than hardy, but if the root balls freeze for any length of time the plants can’t transpire, so they dehydrate, and then die.  This would not be good. The irrigation system will be drained so we don’t suffer too much frozen pipe damage, and we’ll start the horticultural equivalent of doing the hokey-cokey – opening and closing the polytunnels everyday. The plants need protection, but also ventilation, so as soon as the daytime temperature is above zero we open up, and as soon as it starts to approach freezing, we close again, and this shapes the rhythm of our days for the the next several months.

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