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It’s a shed! It’s a shed!

It’s taken rather longer than we expected it might, but the pile of wood can now be revealed in all its transmogrified glory….as a new sales office!

Well, okay, maybe more an alcove than an office, and maybe more a shed with a large hole than either of them, but shelter from the weather for us, customers, and all the sales paraphernalia that seems to accumulate around a till and credit card machine.

Sales office shed

Cute, huh ?

with a window and everything!

With a window!

Pegged mortice and tenon!

on both sides!

on both sides!

The first photo looks as if it’s been photoshopped by David Dickinson, but it hasn’t – all the photos were taken within a few minutes of each other – the only difference is that the sun peeped from behind the clouds for the few fractions of a second during which the first picture was taken!

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