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Good form

If you read Christopher Lloyd and Beth Chatto’s book Dear Friend and Gardener (and we’re not suggesting you should – it’s a less than riveting read) one of the things you may notice is that the friends often boast to each other that they have particularly “good forms” of various plants in their gardens.   It’s never clear whether this is because the plants in question are simply performing well because they like the particular soil and climate of the gardens, or whether they are actually distinct variants of the cultivars in question.

We were reminded of this recently when we read Andrew Mikolajski’s blog in which (eventually) he tells us that he doesn’t much like Buddleja weyeriana.

Now we do like B. weyeriana, and have grown it for many years (tho’ perhaps rather self indulgently, because it’s not a big seller).   But the plant we enjoy doesn’t sound very much like the one that Andrew derides.

If you Google image search the plant, you will see a fair bit of variation in the flowers, the majority of which do look rather more like the wishy-washy orange-purple that Andrew dislikes, and few (well, none that we found) which look as nice as the  plant we’ve been growing.

So can we safely claim to have a “good form” of Buddleja weyeriana?

Buddleja weyeriana flower

Is this a good one?

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