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Parent plants

Parent plants don’t get to have much fun;  they’re no sooner in growth in spring than a man with secateurs comes and butchers them for cuttings.   And in the autumn,  just as they’re thinking they might slow down and have a kip through winter, he comes around and does it all again.  Chelsea chop doesn’t come into it – these guys get all but demolished twice a year.

But for a few short months between scalpings they’re allowed to do their own thing – and in summer, the parent aisle in the polytunnel looks lovely:

Make hay while the sun shines...

Make hay while the sun shines...

Sadly, they don’t enjoy a long life either – after a couple of years, just as they’re starting to think they’ve got a handle on the annual routine, the man with the secateurs comes around again, replaces them with one of their offspring, and consigns them to the compost heap.   S’not easy being a parent.

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