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The dustbowl continues

Being optimisitic sorts, we thought that the drought conditions we were describing back in September would be well and truly broken by now.   But sadly not – we’ve still had virtually no rain.

The soil is still just as dry as it was when we photographed our northerly neighbour harrowing back in September, so we knew there’d be some dust when our other neighbour started cultivating this week. His field borders the nursery to the south and east; sadly his ploughing was accompanied by a brisk south-easterly wind, so from time to time we were treated to the spectacle of there being enough airborne soil that we couldn’t actually see much of the nursery.

And now the entire site has a thick dusting of our neighbours soil over it.

Hello scratched in dust on a compost bag

Enough dust to write in -inside the polytunnel!

The Met Office are forecasting rain for tomorrow – hopefully it’ll be at least enough to settle the dust.

We’ve always thought of Shropshire as a wetter than average sort of place, so it’s something of a culture shock to find ourselves praying for rain – but if we don’t get a much-wetter-than-average winter, there’ll surely be trouble ahead.

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