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So, another year…

Have you noticed how people have started to prefix sentences with the word “So..”?   Not so much a prefix actually, more like a whole extra sentence.   So, our heading ought to say :   “So.  Another year…”   But we haven’t quite got our heads around it yet.    No doubt in a year or two it will sound entirely normal, but for the moment, it’s just a bit, odd, isn’t it?

So, another year…and after an entirely unplanned sabbatical from any sort of bloggage, which just happened to coincide almost exactly with the nursery winter closedown, we’re back.

The nursery opened for business today, amidst glorious spring sunshine, and the sales benches are filling up fast with lots of yummy plants.

After a remarkably mild winter the plant world is ahead of itself, and there are signs of new growth bursting forth in pretty much every pot we look in;  Nick and Steve have been tidying and weeding lots of over-wintered stock, and tomorrow the 2012 potting campaign starts in earnest.

Many spring flowers have been in full bloom in the garden  for weeks, and just to prove it, here are some photos :

Snowdrops in flower


Snowdrop flowers

More Snowdrops

Hellebore White Lady

Hellebore White Lady

Hellebore Pink Lady

Hellebore Pink Lady

Hellebore Pink Lady flower

Hellebore Pink Lady (no, really)

Hellebore Pink Lady

Hellebore Pink Lady again (yep, they're pretty variable these seed raised strains)

And yes, taking these photos did involve lying on the ground, in the mud, trying to get horizontal with Snowdrops, and look up at Hellebore flowers.    Luckily, it hasn’t rained for a week or two;  and we have an excellent washing machine.

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