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Oh what a glorious thing to be…

Salix caprea ‘Kilmarnock’ is a terrific small garden tree with a lovely pendulous form; it has beautiful soft downy catkins in early spring, opening to reveal bright yellow anthers (right about now) and is a lovely herald of spring in the garden.

It probably isn’t one of the first plants to spring to mind if you’re wanting to attract insects to the garden.

But it clearly should be – visitors to our sales area today have been stopped in their tracks by the buzzing of bees crowding onto the trees flowers – word has obviously gone out amongst the local bee population that our tree stand is hosting a pollen party, and everyone’s invited!

And for our older readers, 47 seconds of nostalgia. That’s entertainment!

Bee feasting on Salix pollen

Bee breakfast

Bee collecting pollen from Salix

and dinner

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