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Size matters

There were roadworks at the junction of our lane and the A41 recently; temporary traffic lights were in place for a couple of weeks, and a small army of workmen were beavering away with cables and diggers, “upgrading” the junction.

In this case, “upgrading” seems to have involved replacing all the cats eyes with whizzo new electronic versions – with their own light sources (LEDs presumably) and coloured differently (red, green, and blue-white) for different areas of the junction.

So now negotiating a turn feels a bit like coming in to land. It’s impressive stuff, but it is allegedly the first junction in the country (the bloke might have said county!) to be equipped like this, so you can’t help feeling that the distraction of admiring the light show might just make the road less safe….

But anyway, as well as re-lighting the place, the rather lovely workmen have also replaced, increased and relocated all the signage, including our brown tourist signs.

We’ve had brown signs on the A41 for a decade at least, but the one on the north bound carriageway was placed in a less-than-prominent position, and the southbound sign was mounted on the same poles as several other signs, so got a bit lost amongst the other information.

But now we have larger signs, with more concise wording, placed on their own, and in rather better roadside locations than before.

It’s all good (as the young folk might say).

Barlow Nurseries brown tourist sign

Not to be missed!

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