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You might have misssed these….

Pachysandra terminalis is a terrific ground cover plant for a shady or partly shady spot in the garden; it forms a thick, weed suppressing layer of attractive leathery foliage, it’ll grow in pretty much any soil, even that really arid spot under your hedge, and it rarely succumbs to any sorts of pest or disease.

Pachysandra terminalis foliage

Ground cover

Unusually for such a tough plant, Pachysandra also has remarkably attractive flowers.   Sadly, as the flowers usually appear around this time of year, they only get to be seen by the early bird gardeners who come to explore the nursery in the first few weeks of the season.

So for the record, here’s what the flowers look like :

Pachysandra terminalis flower


This is a close up shot (don’t you just love digital photography?!) and the flowers are tiny – maybe an inch across – but you do get lots of them, frothing over the foliage for weeks through early spring.

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