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And this weeks autumn colour stars are….

Nyssa sylvatica AGM (possibly trying for the “tree with most common names” award; you may know it as Black gum tree, Cotton gum tree, Sour gum tree, common Tupelo tree, or Pepperidge!). It’s a smallish tree, growing ultimately to maybe 40 feet, broadly conical in shape, and grown primarily (you won’t be surprised to hear) for its brilliant autumn colours….

Nyssa sylvatica autumn foliage

Nyssa sylvatica autumn foliage

Or you might like Parrotia persica AGM (Ironwood). It’s a small tree, growing to maybe 25 feet tall. It’ll grow almost anywhere, in any soil, with any aspect, and….has wonderful autumn colour!

If you’re wondering about its common name, just try and prune it – there’s a fair chance the tree will win!

Parrotia persica autumn foliage

Parrotia persica autumn foliage

And finally, really just because we like photos of rain drops on leaves, but also because Cotinus ‘Grace’ does colour wonderfully in autumn….

Cotinus Grace autumn leaves and rain drops

Cotinus Grace autumn leaves, and rain drops

C. ‘Grace’ has much larger leaves than the more common C. coggyria, and more interesting colouring – its leaves are shades of bronze – orange through spring and summer, turning bright pink/red before falling in autumn. It’s a vigorous, grow-anywhere shrub (maybe 20 feet tall ultimately) but judicious pruning will keep it to more modest proportions if necessary.

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