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We’re still here…

Long time no blog eh?

Truth to tell, we’ve been suffering the same malaise as much of the rest of the garden blogging fraternity, gardeners, and the horticulture industry in general.

The wettest summer for….ages, and the worst gardening season for decades, generations, or in the history of the world, depending on which pundit you’re listening to, is not one we’ll look back on fondly.

But the change of the seasons is a watershed, the weather is gloriously autumnal, and things are looking altogether brighter (and drier, if not a little colder than we’d like).    Next season cannot possibly be as bad as this one has been, so we’re looking forward, and busy propagating and potting for next year.

And autumn has come to the tree aisles.

There’s a stack of of photo opportunities in our tree aisles right now, and we’ll bring you a few more in the coming days and weeks, but for now, feast your eyes on this….

For 11 months of the year Quercus rubra is just another oak tree, but for a month or so in autumn, it reminds you why you wanted it in your garden…

Quercus rubra autumn foliage

You can see why it’s called Red Oak can’t you?

Quercus rubra Red Oak autumn foliage

Well surely you can now?

These photos were taken this morning, and are not enhanced in any way. Quercus rubra really is that colour in autumn.

It’s a big tree – maybe 80 feet tall when fully grown – so it’s really a parkland rather than a garden tree (unless you have a BIG garden) but man, if you have the space, wouldn’t that look magnificent?

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