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The thermometer recorded an overnight low of very nearly minus 5 celsius last night; another one for the disappointingly-sharp-and-early frost tally. But at least the foliage that is still hanging on to some of the deciduous shrubs was looking lovely.

Physocarpus Lady in red


This is Physocarpus ‘Lady in red’ – it has deep red foliage through the growing season, but lightens to an altogether brighter and more translucent shade in autumn. The best of both worlds really – a foliage colour other than green in spring and summer, but still interesting colour shifts in autumn.

And the slowest of the deciduous trees in the garden – a common oak – has finally decided its growing season is coming to an end. It’s always the last tree to come into leaf in spring, and the last to bow to the shorter and colder days of autumn.

Common oak Quercus robur autumn colours

Autumn's last gasp

Winter must be just around the corner.

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