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Cladrastis kentukia

According to the encyclopedias, Cladrastis kentukia leaves turn a rich buttery yellow in autumn…what do you think?

Cladrastis kentukia autumn foliage

Cladrastis kentukia in our tree aisles

We added it to our tree range after we’d seen it growing in Westonbirt arboretum a few years ago :

Cladrastis kentukia at Westonbirt arboretum

Cladrastis kentukia at Westonbirt arboretum

Who wouldn’t like to have that in their garden?

Native to southern USA, C. kentukia (syn. C. lutea, common name Yellowwood) grows equally happily in UK gardens, in any reasonably fertile soil, preferably in full sun (although it clearly thrives in the partial shade of the glades at Westonbirt).

It has small pendant wisteria-like white flowers in spring, and grows to maybe 30 feet tall. As you can see from the Westonbirt photo it has a broad rounded crown, and would make a lovely garden specimen.

The common name is a simple description of the timber – it’s prized by wood workers for its colour.

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