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It must be November….

….if there are bare root trees queuing up on the nursery.

There’s a reassuring certainty to the seasonal rhythms around here – and if it’s early November, it means that the bare root season is about to begin.

And sure enough this week the first tranche of bare root trees have landed, to herald the last sales of the calendar year.

bare root trees=

Fruit and ornamental, from small to huge...

So it’s most definitely autumn, but it hasn’t been a classic year – the leaves coloured well, but the weather was rarely kind enough to offer the quality of light that really illuminates the season, and some unseasonally sharp frosts meant that a lot of foliage dropped almost as soon as it had turned.

Our beech hedge is still putting on a show though; it’s a bit of a laggard when it comes to autumn colour, but it’s finally getting into its stride, and racing to catch up – it’s currently maybe half way there, and changing almost hourly, so this photograph is already out of date!

Beech hedge

Beech hedge

This hedge separates our garden from the nursery car park (which is not actually a car park, just the field where customers park their cars). The lovely thing about beech as a hedge is that although it’s deciduous, it’s always opaque, because the dead leaves stay on the plants until new green ones emerge in spring. So you get the interest of seasonal colour changes, without any seasonal transparency!

The bads news is that this means we’re still sweeping ‘autumn’ leaves in May, but we love the seasonal changes enough to cope with that.

For any hedge geeks that might be reading – this was planted in a double staggered row, 4 plants per running metre, each plant pencil thick and 60-90 cms tall (but trimmed to less than that) at planting. It’s now maybe 12 years old, but reached full height and width after around 7-8 years (and has been trimmed to size, once or twice per year, since then).

The bare root tree and hedging season runs until late March (more or less) so there’s still time to get your orders in (but as is so often the case, the best stuff goes fastest, so as they used to say in the Christmas adverts, order early to avoid disappointment!).

2 Responses to “It must be November….”

  1. fergal mccabe Says:

    please can you give me the name of the beech hedge between your nursery and car park (in picture) is it two mixed beech or one changing colour natural, many thanks

  2. Nick Says:

    It’s all straight Fagus sylvatica – the colour variations are just the different plants closing down at different rates.

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