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Quercus palustris

It’s been a good year for oak trees; our Quercus rubra put on a spectacular show of autumn colour this year, and although its leaves have now dropped, and have made it into our leaf mould bin, its autumn colour crown has been passed to its cousin, Q. palustris.

When Q. rubra was wowing us with its full-on red display, Q. palustris was just limbering up in the wings:

Quercus palustris leaves turning autumn shades

Quercus palustris playing catch up....

But in the last week, as we were sweeping up the last of the Q. rubra leaves, Q. palustris has been giving its all :

Quercus palustris autumn colour

Quercus palustris autumn colour

Q. palustris has smaller leaves than Q. rubra, and its autumn colour is a little more orange, but blimey, it’s a heck of a shade isn’t it? Imagine that on a full grown tree (maybe 60 – 80 feet tall!).

Quercus palustris AGM (Pin oak, Swamp spanish oak) is a strong growing, dense tree with a slightly pendulous habit; it will grow in most situations, but not in alkaline soils.

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