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It’s been such a long time since we planted our Cranberry, that we can’t actually remember when it was. We planted it, and it sulked. Nothing happened. Barely any vegetative growth, certainly no fruit, for years, and years, and years. So we lost interest in it, ignored it, and did other stuff.

But we’ll ignore it no more. Because this year, we have berries!


The common Cranberry, Vaccinium oxycoccos, in our garden!

It’s been a corking year for soft fruit; in fact, it’s been a pretty corking year for growing most things, but our soft fruit has done particularly well. We even got to wondering whether we needed to buy another freezer (we didn’t, we filled the one we have, and ate lots!).

So we probably shouldn’t be surprised that Cranberries have had a good year too.   (Everything is relative of course;  it’s had a “good” year, but there’s still only a handful of berries, barely enough for a dollop of sauce, but at least it’s having a go).

We’re hoping that it’s reached some sort of critical mass, and next year we’ll have home made cranberry sauce on the Christmas turkey!

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