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How many ways can you photograph a beech hedge?

We love our beech hedge.

We’ve nurtured it from a row of pencil thick whips, planted around the turn of the century, to the 8 ft behemoth it is today. We walk past it many times a day (it lines the route from house to nursery) and rarely fail to be impressed by its functionality (it forms a very dense barrier between our garden and the nursery car park) its hospitality (it’s a munificent host to myriad birds and mammals) its huge enthusiasm for growth (it needs trimming twice a year) and its always-interesting apparel – not evergreen, but never bare of foliage, either spring and summer greens, autumnal golds, or winter browns.

Our enthusiasm for recording its rugged good looks and seasonal gyrations is undimmed, it’s made more than a few appearances on this blog already, but we’re wondering how many more photographic contrivances  we can can come up with….

Beech hedge autumn depth of field

A long lens, a wide aperture, and very narrow depth of field!

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