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It’s been a corking year for blossom; most of the trees on the nursery, and in the neighbourhood, have been weighed down with the stuff. And even the Acers, never grown for their flowers, have had a go:

Acer Crimson King flowers

When most of their neighbours are weighed down with frothy pinks and whites, it’s nice to be able to rest our eyes on the altogether more subtle charms of Acer platanoides ‘Crimson King’ AGM

Acer Crimson King blossom

Tiny, but delightful! And enough of them this year to be a genuine spectacle.

And it’s not just the trees – all our plants are looking lovely! It’s an early season,and the exuberance and enthusiasm that we normally see in May seems to be here already.

Colourful foliage and spring blooms in Barlow Nurseries shade tunnel

The shade tunnel a few days ago – and improving day by day!

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