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There’s been some debate about the similarities in some of the show garden plantings at Chelsea this week;  some commentators put it down to garden design zeitgeist, the more prosaic theorists suggest it’s simply that the designers were happy to plant whatever their supplier nurseries told them was looking good (and many designers use the same supplier nurseries!).

We prefer the zeitgeist theory, but only because that allows us to kid ourselves that we have our fingers on the garden design pulse, and explains the coincidence of our enthusiasm for growing lupins, and their appearance in the Chelsea gardens this year.

We’ve got lupins a-plenty on our sales benches right now, and our front garden houses a couple of crackers too:

Woodfield Lupin with lots of huge pink flower spikes

It’s a Woodfield, of course!   Photographed in our front garden yesterday.

Woodfield lupin - large pink flower spike in close up

Even more spectacular in close up

Woodfield Lupin - 17 huge pink flower spikes

Woodfield Lupin – just one plant – count the flower spikes!

Garden fashions come and go; it’s probably half a century since lupins were last in vogue in english gardens, but with breeders working hard to put some quality back into the genus, designers embracing them, and plants like these already available, maybe it’s time for a revival.

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