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Memo to self :  if ever again you find yourself considering a major remodelling of the  garden whilst also running the nursery through its busiest spring /early summer season, think very carefully…..

But it’s done now;  a daughter married (last weekend) a garden almost entirely remodelled (to provide a photogenic backdrop for the wedding photos) and life gradually returning to a normal pace.

It might be a few more days before we feel as if we’re recovered from the excitement of it all, but for the moment we’re enjoying the relative mundanity of looking forward to the last bank holiday of the gardening year, and opening the order books for the autumn / winter tree and hedging season.

Colourful herbaceous borders in high summer

You wouldn’t believe the fun we’ve had guessing at when to Chelsea-chop some of these plants to get them showing colour in mid-August!

The garden will be open to visitors this weekend, so if you’d like to see the fruits of our remodelling efforts over the last few months, feel free….


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