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It’s that time of year again…

…when all those leaves that have been quietly minding their own business for months, suddenly start to shout “Look at me!”

On Gardener’s World last week Monty Don estimated that this year autumn is 2 – 3 weeks early; we think it’s at least that. These Cladrastis leaves will probably be on the ground next week; we wouldn’t normally expect them to be there until well into October or November.

Cladrastis kentukia leaf colour autumn 2014

Cladrastis kentukia, common name, yellow wood, and at this time of year, matching leaves!

Surprisingly, Cladrastis managed to avoid our camera lens in last autumns photo-fest, but in 2012 they still had their leaves in early November.

So we’re agreed, autumn’s early.   Gird your loins for an onslaught of autumn leaf photographs.   It’s irresistable.

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