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The usual suspects

This years autumn colours aren’t turning out to be as disappointing as we’d feared; the deluges we’ve had this last couple of weeks seem to have refreshed the trees around here enough that they’re going to hang on to their leaves a bit longer, and give us a bit more autumn colour than we’d expected.

But for the moment we’re still casting our eyes down…and admiring the usual autumn shrub suspects.

Rhubarb autumn leaves

Except that of course, there’s an imposter in the camp – Rhubarb isn’t a shrub, but those colours are rather lovely aren’t they?

Euonymus alatus autumn leaves

Euonymus alatus finds its way into our viewfinder every autumn (how could it not?) but it always proves very difficult to get the photo colour to look anything like real life. This is probably the first year where we feel the photo looks properly like the shrub!   No, really, it is that colour!

Cotinus Grace autumn leaves 2

It wouldn’t be a proper autumn without at least one photo of Cotinus Grace would it?

Cotinus Grace autumn leaves

So for good measure, we took two!

Hamemellis autumn leaves

Hamamelis Jelena will be back in action in January, with flowers in shades remarkably similiar to these leaves.

Blueberry autumn leaves

And finally, probably our favourite autumn colour so far;  Blueberries always colour well in autumn – but this is extraordinary isn’t it?

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