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Rodgersia aesculifolia leaves colour beautifully in autumn – but this year we have the rather strange spectacle of its older, larger leaves doing their autumn thing, while brand new fresh green ones push past them from below.

It’s all the fault of our confused weather – August was cooler and wetter than it ought to have been with some near zero night-time temperatures here, and lots of the plants decided that was the signal to start their autumn shutdown.  Then September dawned very warm, and dry and the plants decided that it wasn’t autumn after all, and put on lots of lush new growth.   And so we have the (admittedly rather attractive) sight of autumn and spring foliage nestled together on the same plant.

Rodgersia aesculifolia autumn leaf colour

Life in microcosm – young bucks vs. old stag!   Which do you prefer?

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