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Some years ago, when there was more than one gardening show on TV, pop-star-turned-garden-designer Kim Wilde appeared on one of them enthusing about her garden in autumn, and how much she enjoyed the slow process of plants decaying into their winter shutdown.   We seem to remember her particularly enjoying the way Hosta leaves turned brown.

Frankly, at the time, we thought she was slightly barmy, as all we saw in our autumn garden was a lot of clearing and tidying.

But this year, we might just be coming round to her way of thinking.

It doesn’t look like it’s gong to be a glorious autumn – the very dry weather in September appears to have accelerated the plant worlds usual slow and glorious autumn decline into a headlong rush for hibernation, and a lot of autumns colours seem to be whizzing past at break-neck speed.

So we’re getting our pleasures where we can, and instead of looking at startling displays of brilliant autumn-hued foliage, we’re enjoying the more muted tones in the leaves of some of the plants we’d normally overlook.

And thinking of Kim Wilde.

Anemone leaves autumn

Anemone hupehensis leaves in shutdown – they must do this every year, but we’ve clearly been looking the other way!

Anemone hupehensis flower

And just in case you’re not quite on board with this, here’s a more conventional appreciation of Anemone hupehensis – the same plant, a few weeks ago.

We met Kim Wilde once, at a garden show where we had a stand, and supplied her with some plants for the show garden she was building there.

We’ve just Googled her to see what she’s doing now, and it seems she is now pop-star-turned-garden-designer-turned-back-to-pop-star.

So that makes us plant suppliers to the stars, right?

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