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Spring, compressed

Sometimes spring comes to the plant world before the gardeners are ready;  sometimes gardeners wake up and want to garden before the plants are awake.

This year, the humans woke up early.

Our phone started ringing at the end of January and as a result we opened the gate a couple of weeks ahead of schedule (mid-February) and have been busy ever since.   But the plant world isn’t sharing our customers enthusiasm for getting going yet, and seems to be having a bit of a collective lie-in – it’s going to be one of those springs where nothing happens for ages, then everything happens at once.

Cercis Avondale buds

Cercis Avondale, tantalisingly close to waking up….

Our garden birds are obviously on the same timetable as the humans though – the dawn chorus is waking us up at 5 am already, we saw the first swallow of the season yesterday, and the yew hedge in the garden is hosting its first clutch of blue tit babies.   Lets hope there are enough leaves to support enough creepy crawlies to keep them fed.

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