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Garden border design

Herbaceous border around a Lychgate

Having your garden transformed by a professional designer can be a hugely exciting project. It can also be hugely expensive, and rather daunting having the whole of your outside space instantly made over.

It is often more sensible and practical to do a garden makeover in stages. This spreads the financial load, and allows the design to evolve so that you can be sure that you are happy with each part before proceeding to the next.

Following this trend, an increasing number of customers are asking us to help with individual border designs for their gardens. Usually they are simply improving their garden for their own enjoyment, but sometimes they want new borders for weddings or special birthday parties, or even need to improve a garden prior to putting the house up for sale.

Whatever your reason, we can help!   Call at the nursery, bringing a simple dimensioned sketch of your border(s) including details of aspect (east facing/south facing etc) and soil type (heavy/light, wet/dry) and we’ll help you sort out what you need on the spot – even measuring out the border on the nursery, and laying out the plants there and then!

This service is FREE but we can only do this during off peak hours – so it’s worth telephoning first to make an appointment (no obligation!).   Or call at the nursery, telephone, or email for further information.

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