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Growers of trees, shrubs and hardy herbaceous perennial garden plants near Newport, Shropshire


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prices typically 20% cheaper than garden centres!

Trees come in all shapes and sizes and suit many different sites. Whether you know the variety and size of the tree you require, or can only describe what you need, such as something to block a view, we can help.

We have many hundreds of trees in stock —evergreens, deciduous, fruit trees—in all sorts of sizes, from tiny whips to mature specimens.  Click this link to see our current variety lists.

Tree aisles autumn 2014

Autumn in our tree aisles

If we don’t have what you need on site, we can probably source it from one of our partner tree nurseries – either immediately, or during the bare root season (November – March).

Remember you don’t have to trawl around garden centres and then make do with what you can find—tell us exactly what you need, and get what you want!

Our stock of trees changes daily, and our systems are not sophisticated enough to allow us to publish live stock data, but these pages show a snapshot of our current stock.

We can deliver trees that won’t fit in your car – ask for details.


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